BUCA DI BEPPO SPOT Saucy in the Kitchen (Writer)

BUCA DI BEPPO SPOT Recipe for Disaster (Writer)

CBS THE TALK: "Leaked" clip of Miley Cyrus's limo driver. (Writer/Producer)

CBS THE TALK: Sharon Osbourne and Miss Piggy Catfight (Writer/Producer)

CBS THE TALK: Sara Gilbert Back to Vegas in the 60's (Writer/Producer)

TELEPICTURES WB: The Ellen Degeneres Show, web ad series, (Writer)

CBS THE TALK: Halloween Special feat. Elvira Mistress of the the Dark (Writer)

CBS THE TALK: Green screen and special effect bits (Writer a/o Producer)

CBS THE TALK: Ted Danson and Sheryl Underwood, CSI spoof (Writer/Producer)

CBS THE TALK: LLCool J & S.Underwood, CSI/LA Spoof (Writer/Producer)

CBS THE TALK: Reynolds Wrap Product Integration, Foiled Again (Writer)

TELEPICTURES WB: Momlogic, Do Toddlers Need Plastic Surgery? (Writer/Producer)

TELEPICTURES WB: Momlogic, Trapped in an Elevator for 42 Secs. (Writer/Producer)

TELEPICTURES WB: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Backpacking Through Burbank. (Writer)

DISNEY ⁄ ABC: Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call, soapnet interstitials/bumpers(Writer)

CBS THE TALK J.C.Penny Integration, Holiday Song (Writer)

TELEPICTURES WB: Online Commercial, Hallmark Ornaments (Writer/Producer)

TELEPICTURES WB: Momlogic: Does This Toy Really Drop the F-Bomb? (Writer/Producer)

ELLEN DEGENERES: Opening monologue and Letterman appearance (Writer/Graphics)